Cozy Cats

Cozy Cats is a semi-indoor cattery comprising penthouse sleeping quarters set within an internal heated corridor with plenty of natural light. Each cat has access to it's own covered run, where it can sit in the fresh air and watch the birds or enjoy the company of it's feline neighbours. Full height sneeze barriers enable your cat to see it's neighbours, but not come into contact with them.


At Cozy Cats all cats are fed according to their personal preference with adult cats recieving two feeds a day, elderly cats and kittens as necessary. We are happy to cater for cats with special diets.

Innoculations and Health

At Cozy Cats all cats entering the cattery MUST be immunised against Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu. A current certificate must be produced on arrival. Unneutered males over the age of 8 months will not be accepted. Cozy Cats reserves the right to refuse to board any cat showing obvious signs of illness.


We designed and built our cattery in 2002 after looking at many existing catteries and deciding that they were not what we were really looking for. We wanted something that cats... Read more

Photo Gallery

Click here to see a selection of photographs of the Cattery and some of our boarders.